Youth and Families Matter Support Group, Totton, with NAS Branch Chair David Carter

13 May 2019

Chair of the local NAS branch, David Carter, gave an excellent introduction to autism talk to a diverse audience at Totton Baptist Church for the Youth and Families Matter Support Group. Among the facts and figures of associated with autism in the UK, perhaps the most striking was that more than 1 in 100 people are currently diagnosed with an Autism Spectrum Condition, with many more going undiagnosed. Each diagnosis has an effect on families, friends and peers, meaning the impact of autism today reaches millions. Although there are many associated conditions that present alongside a diagnosis of autism, David was clear to point out that dealing with anxiety or learning difficulties is not specific to autism, these are just made more visible in autistic people because of a lack of support in the current social infrastructure.              

David’s talk brought together a number of views, presenting a clear and concise introduction to autism that will have a direct positive impact for those who attended, or indirectly for the people the attendees will speak to about the event in the future. It was great to hear about some of the local initiatives and businesses making changes to support people with an autism diagnosis, showing that through commitment and communication, small changes can begin to take place in our region, improving awareness about autism and what we can all do to support our community as a whole.  

These events are often free and the organisers would love for more people to attend, so please be sure to look at the website for more information: