NAS AGM with Sarah-Jane Critchley

29 April 2019

Nearly 100 people attended the AGM for the South Hampshire Branch of the National Autistic Society. The annual event showcased the work going on around Hampshire to help support people with an Autism Spectrum Condition, as well as maintaining connections between different groups, institutions and individuals.

The meeting was followed by a talk from Sarah-Jane Critchley. She is an author, speaker and has been the Programme Head of the Autism Education Trust since 2008. She spoke openly about school exclusions, showing the correlation between exclusion and autism in the UK, and links to other sociological factors. This issue is closely linked to the mental health of each autistic child, but also their parents as well, and Sarah-Jane contextualised many of these difficult issues in a proactive and insightful way.

The talk was excellent, and really conveyed the importance of improving the current narrative about autism in schools, as well as highlighting that school exclusions are not the result of problematic children, but rather the result of a problematic system on a national scale.

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